Redecorating the inside of my closet

Man, talk about an entire bedroom closet overhaul yesterday! I’d been clearing out space in my closet (not a bookcase unfortunately, a closet for clothing), because I used to keep my books stacked up in the hanging section. And I heard that isn’t a good way to store books; especially for paperbacks.

I also had some other books stashed away somewhere they shouldn’t be, mainly because they’d get very dusty and one of those books – The Book of Imaginary Beings by Jorge Luis Borges – has already been damaged.


So I decided I needed to clear out my closet’s shelves and put all of the things there in the hanging section and put all my stacked up books on those shelves, like I did with my newer books.

What a workout! But at least all my books are now standing up (well, except the newer ones I still have to read) and I’ve also finally catalogued every book I own. My back hurts…and it feels like I’ve been lifting for three long hours. Which, technically, I did.



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