Writing Update #5

So, I’ve been steadily writing ever since handing in my thesis at the end of last month. I’m mostly working on my novella [TBWAH], and my synopsis and query letter for [TEE]. I’m still having a hard time selling my “product,” so to speak, but I’m content with the query draft I have so far. I’ve sent it out to some of my beta readers, to see what they think.

I’ve not really worked on my NaNoWriMo novel [SG] much (I was more interested in working on my thesis and novella), but that should also get back on track one of these days. I hope. Mostly I’ve been reading a lot of queries and advice about writing queries and things like that. I’ve also been researching literary agents in the UK who’re interested in Fantasy. Hopefully I can get to querying soon. And then it’s *finger’s crossed*!

Yesterday, I heard about this Twitter pitching day that is being held on the 18th of this month, #SFFpit. Apparently this is a day when writers can tweet a pitch for their book once or twice every hour and if agents are interested, they’ll favour the tweet. Which is certainly interesting. I’m thinking of joining, though I’ll have to come up with smart and exciting tweet pitches of 140 symbols or less. That’s going to be a challenge for sure!

Oh, did I mention I’ve had a small booklet containing all of my papers of the three years I’ve been studying Japanstudies printed? I’ve called it “The Writing of the OX Years” and OX stands for the Japanese maru (right – 0) and batsu (wrong – x), which is an inside joke I share with my group of friends of Japanstudies.


We call ourselves the maru-batsu group and I’m hoping to get them all together at one point to sign their names on the two blank pages I’ve put aside in the booklet. It’s a great little thing.

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