Query Update #1

I officially started querying UK agents on the 18th of this month, after spending a lot of time researching agents and checking out which ones would be the right fit for me and my manuscript [TEE].

I’ve sent out my cover letter/query/synopsis/first few pages to a small batch of agents: 10 in total. I got a confirmation of receipt from two of them. Haven’t heard anything since then. But that’s to be expected; probably have to wait a couple of weeks before I start getting rejections responses. I hope I’ll get some positive feedback at least.

I’m trying very hard not to hope too much, because that leaves a spot open for disappointment when rejections start coming in – and they will, that’s one of the facts of querying – but it’s not easy pushing down on hope. I mean, of course I want the agents to all like my manuscript and ask me for partials and fulls, but I must not get ahead of myself. I’ve gotten good feedback from my beta readers, one of which is a former publisher himself, but in the end, it’s about whether or not the agents I queried are interested and think they can sell it.

There’s no accounting for taste, right? Anyhow, I’m just trying to focus on writing my novella [TBWAH], editing my NaNoWriMo novel [SG], not pulling out my hair in anxiousness as I’m waiting for the grade for my thesis, working and reading.


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