Query Update #2

So, I’ve gotten two rejections for [TEE] so far. Two very nice rejections, but rejections nonetheless. I mean, I should’ve known, because every writer everywhere says you’ll go through rejections before you get to acceptance and offers of representation, but it still sucks.

The first I received about seven days after sending the package to the agent (as he said he would on his website) and the next I received today, only minutes ago. Both agents said that they read my work with interest and enjoyed what they read, but that they didn’t feel it was quite right for their agency. Which is nice to hear, but still a bit demoralising, of course.

Still, I’m glad they took the time to get back to me, and that they at least enjoyed what I sent them. They didn’t think I was terrible or that my idea was horrendous, just that my novel wouldn’t quite fit in with their agency and what they represent. That’s all right: no accounting for taste, right? (Or at least, that’s what I keep telling myself)

Here’s to hoping I get some more feedback (storyline etc.) with my next rejections or – dare I think it? – with requests for partials/the full manuscript/offers of representation. *FINGERS CROSSED*


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