Query Update #3

The third rejection is in the bag for [TEE]. So let’s review what I’ve done and received so far, shall we? I sent out query packages by e-mail to 10 agents in the UK. I received a confirmation of receipt from two of them by e-mail, standardized, probably automated. But still, it’s good to know the packages reached their destination. I then entered all the information (and latest possible response date, based on what the profiles/websites said) into my Excel sheet. And then I waited. I now have received three rejections. All kind, but probably form rejections. It’s bringing me down a bit, even though I know some authors got hundreds of rejections before they finally got published.

Yesterday I sent out two follow-up e-mails, because both agents said to send one if there hadn’t been a response in six to eight weeks. So I did. I didn’t really know what tone to use, so I tried keeping it formal, polite and short. I’ve also started to research literary agents from the USA, and looking into publishing houses (both the BIG ones and the independent ones) in the UK. I’m trying to keep my head in the game and all. But it sure isn’t motivating when you get a rejection.


A penny for your thoughts

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