Writing Update #6

I’ve been trying to form the habit of writing something every day. It’s…..a ‘habit in progress’. I try, I really do, but I have to find a way to motivate me on days were I honestly can’t be bothered. You know those day, when for some reason your mind is in a funk and you can’t even string one proper sentence together, let alone one or two pages of sentences. But I’m still trying! Right now I’ve actually written seven days in a row (gasp!) and even though some of my daily word counts didn’t quite reach my daily goal (like minus 409 really) I did pull myself up by my bootstraps and wrote. Even if it was just 14 of them – Monday was a particularly slow day.

I’m nearing the end of my novella [TBWAH], and I’m already over the 25k that I’d set as the end goal, so yay for that! I’ve been adding snippets and scenes to my NaNoWriMo novel [SG], but I’ve realised that the desired word count of 80K is impossible for me to reach. Mainly because the story was already pretty much done at 51K. So I’ve adjusted my end goal to 55K. Which I’ve also reached. There are some things still to add/edit/move, but I’ve sent my second draft out to five of my beta readers.

I’ll see what they have to say about it. Perhaps with their feedback/suggestions I might even get closer to the previously desired 80K, though I doubt it. We’ll see what happens.

I’ve also been – slowly – plotting a new novel, which would be my fourth [OSAA]. The third is one [BOR] I’d already started years ago, and will probably be working on next, after finishing my novella. I might use the fourth one for this year’s NaNoWriMo, if I decide to participate again. I’ve not made up my mind yet. It depends on my situation, I guess.


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