Review: Southpaw

I’ve wanted to see Southpaw ever since I first saw the teaser images of Jake Gyllenhaal as a boxer. I’m a fan of his work and knew that he’d bring his A-game.

Southpaw is the story of a boxer, Billy Hope, who’s on top of his game, but is also a bit of a hot head. When another boxer antagonizes him and makes lewd comments about his wife, a fight breaks out. And then he loses everything he cares about.

The great thing about Southpaw, for me, is that even though it’s definitely about boxing, the story about the boxer in the end is more important. All I cared about was him getting back his daughter, and being able to live a somewhat normal life. The boxing was only one element of the story.

It actually reminded me of the movie Warrior, with Tom Hardy, which was also a movie about fighting (MMA). I do think I was more involved with the fights themselves during that movie, but I liked that Southpaw’s boxing was just a small element of the story.

It’s a good movie, with a great cast and though the script was a little predictable and had a few clich├ęs, it was still an entertaining watch. The cast had my feelings all over the place, that’s how good the acting was.


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