Query Update #4

In addition to the 10 queries I’d sent out in the first batch, I also sent out an extra one for [TEE]. Right now I’ve received 9 rejections in total. Big bummer, as you can imagine.

They were almost all form rejections, with almost the same message. Basically, they enjoyed the samples, just not enough to want to represent me. They didn’t fall deeply in love with the chapters I sent them and hoped I’d keep on approaching agents.

The last one I got, yesterday, actually stated that there was much to admire in my manuscript, but didn’t feel like the agency would be the best choice to represent me. So that’s nice…It got my hopes up for a second, then they were dashed again, but it was nice reading that there were admirable things in my work. That felt good at least.

I’m still waiting for the last two agents to respond – I sent out follow-up e-mails a few days ago – and then I guess it’s time to start gearing up for the second batch of queries. I have to keep my hopes up, but it’s hard sometimes. Especially when they all seemed to like it, but don’t offer representation or at least ask for a partial. It’s great to know my manuscript doesn’t suck, but I’d love to know what they thought could be better, or should be corrected.

Ah, well. I should stop feeling sorry for myself and pull myself up by my bootstraps. There’s a lot of WIPs waiting for me to work on. They should keep my mind off the rejections.


A penny for your thoughts

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