Query Update #6

The total of queries for [TEE] I’ve sent out is now 26.  16 of those have gotten rejections. Some of the older ones still haven’t gotten any responses, and so I’ve sent out some follow-up emails as well. There’s one partial success story though.

On the 11th of January I received a request for a full (!!!) from an agent from the US. Today I received a personalised rejection – so that’s a bummer – but the request for a full left me feeling like I was in heaven for a few days. Even though she eventually rejected my manuscript, she liked a lot about it and found one of my main characters especially interesting. In the end, it was the pace that was a bit too slow for her that did me in. But she encouraged me to query other agents.

Getting a request for a full was the best thing that ever happened to me, and even though it still was rejected in the end, I have a lot more confidence in my manuscript now. I’ll keep on researching agents, and I’ll keep on querying, because I know this manuscript is worth it!


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