Writing Update #10

I already wrote a post about me winning NaNoWriMo [OSAA], so I won’t get into that. I am still working on the book though, and I’m nearing the end. I’m still in love with the story, and that’s a good thing, because I still find myself having to force myself to write some days.

But I’ve been steadily writing five days a week, during breaks at work, leaving the weekend for other things, like chores, gaming, editing, researching agents, reading and other things. That’s all working out so far. I’m hoping to finish [OSAA] in the next couple of weeks. Then it’s time to put it aside for a while and let it rest so I can take a look at it with fresh eyes.

While editing it, I’ll go back to writing my third novel [BOR] – the one I was already writing when NaNoWriMo began. Though I’ll probably have to read through it carefully before I can continue that one. It has a lot more POV characters than [OSAA], and I need to take stock of the many different story lines. But that’s a concern for a later day: right now I’m only focusing on finishing the current book I’m writing.

A penny for your thoughts

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