Editing Update #8

I’ve finished editing both my novellas; I finished editing down my NaNoWriMo 2014 novel [SG] to a novella first, because I wanted to submit it to The Book Smugglers’ novella initiative. Which I did, though I’ve not heard back yet. But on their site they said to wait until August to hear, I believe, so if I haven’t heard anything by then, they’ve decided not to go with my story.

My other novella [TBWAH] was more of a personal challenge for me than a project I could ever see published. I had some goals to achieve, and I did:

  • Rewrite one of my old Dutch stories;
  • 1st person POV;
  • One linear story, no subplots;
  • Only one POV character.

It was trying, writing it and editing it, but I did it in the end. I sent it only to one of my beta readers, just as something he might want to look at, but I’m not planning on ever submitting it for publishing.

I also started editing my NaNoWrimo 2015 novel [OSAA] recently: I actually edited 23 chapters in one go! I combined the story/character revision passes I usually split up, and I’ve turned a blind eye to language and all its facets for now – which was very hard for me to do. That comes later; after I’ve finished the first revision pass. I’m glad with what I’m reading though. It’s a blend of two genres, and I enjoyed reading the first 23 chapters of the first draft, so I’m hopeful my beta readers will enjoy it too once I send it to them.


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