Review: The Jungle Book

I’d heard about a live-action/CGI-version of The Jungle book coming out ever since the reports from the last Comic Con came out somewhere last year, I think, but I admit I was sceptical. I remember thinking that instead of rehashing old stuff, and making live-action movies out of animated movies, Disney should focus only on making new stuff. This movie would never be good. And then the trailers started coming out, and I found myself intrigued despite myself.

My mom was excited after seeing the trailers on TV as well, so we decided to go see it in the first or maybe second week it was out in theatres. We didn’t regret it.

The Jungle Book’s story isn’t that different from the animated movie, though there are some much-needed changes, and the ending is especially poignant. The movie itself is gorgeous: the nature and the animals in it look absolutely stunning and real. It really showed how much we can do with CGI these days without it looking corny and fake.

The actor who played Mowgli was great, especially when you think about the fact he was basically acting opposite nothing/nobody, or maybe he was given a tennis ball on a stick, but it’s still a great achievement. He acts exactly like someone his age would act when told he had to leave home or be brutally murdered by a hate-filled tiger alongside most of his animal family. The voice actors were all amazing as well.

I also thought it was lovely how they made the man-cub into such a novelty for the other animals. It makes sense they are intrigued and surprised by his appearance, and the things he can do. It makes sense some of them might be afraid of him, or look down on him because he looks different; people do that to other people as well.

It was a great adventure romp with hilarious and moving moments, a couple of winks to the audience in regards to songs from the animated version and had the most important thing of all for a movie: heart. I’m really glad I didn’t decide to skip this one after all.


One thought on “Review: The Jungle Book

  1. This review of The Jungle Book was a simple and sweet description of what I saw myself. I went to go see the movie twice myself. The first time I went to see what the buzz was about while the second time was strictly so I could write a review on the movie. Never actually ended up writing it, but I did definitely enjoy your take on the tropical movie. -Anthony

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