Review: God of War III Remastered

I’ll be honest, I’d never played a God of War game in my life before I purchased my PS4/God of War III combo back in December 2015. Heck, I never even had experience with console gaming (besides playing at a friend’s house and my little sister’s Wii) before that. Unless a PSP is considered a console, then I knew a little about console gaming. But I’d always been interested in the God of War games, so when I’d decided to jump head-first into gaming, I knew God of War III Remastered would be the game that popped my Playstation cherry.

Unlike the other two games I purchased alongside the PS4 (The Uncharted collection & The Last of Us), God of War III Remastered isn’t a game where you have to shoot people. And I’m immensely glad about that, because I have found out I’m terrible at aiming! It’s also the first game – of all the other games I now own – that I’ve practically played hours on end and, most importantly, finished. I mean, at the rate I’m going in The Witcher III and my tendency to get distracted by all of the shiny side quests, I’ll maybe finish that one in 2017. Maybe.

But, back to God of War III Remastered. I admit to reading up on the previous games just so I wouldn’t get too confused by all the back story the game assumes you know, but even if I hadn’t, this game would still be so very enjoyable. Mythological story? Check. Fantasy elements? Check. Awesome main character? Check. Dark back story? Check. Great weapons and attacks? Check. Nice graphics? Check. It checked all the boxes for me, and I remember thinking about the game and what was still to come when I was busy doing other things.

The gameplay itself lent itself very well to a beginner, though I must admit when it came to solving certain puzzles I had to scramble to find a walk-through so I wouldn’t be stuck 40 hours trying and trying to figure them out. Though when I did figure things out on my own, it felt so good! I enjoy fighting with swords/axes/hammers and what not more than gameplay with guns (because of ineptitude when it comes to aiming), and there was an abundance of that. The story itself was beautiful, and it really captured my imagination. I wish I could’ve played the previous games as well, I’m sure I would’ve loved them too.

And the ending. Wow, the ending. That was some dramatic ending. I won’t spoil it for you, but it left me shaken.



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