Review: Marvel’s Agent Carter S2

Ever since Agent Carter season 1 ended, I’d hoped the series would continue for a couple of more years. My wish came true – partially. There was a riveting season 2, but unfortunately there won’t be any more seasons of my favourite female non-superhero of the MCU. (I count the Marvel TV shows and Netflix shows as the MCU as well.)

Agent Carter is back! And she’s moved locations! Instead of season 1’s New York the second season takes place in bright and colourful Los Angeles. Finally ready to move on after Steve Rogers’ death, Agent Carter finds herself working under her friend Daniel Sousa (who was completely smitten with her in season 1) at the L.A. office of the SSR, trying to solve a supernatural mystery. Staying in one of Howard Stark’s many houses with Jarvis and his wife Anna, agent Carter often finds herself in hilarious or dangerous situations.

This season was a lot more playful than season one, and there definitely was a lot more colour, which made everyone stand out on screen. It was great solving mysteries again with Peggy Carter, and seeing her team up not only with Jarvis, Sousa, Stark and (new character) scientist Jason Wilkes but also with a couple of ladies like Anna Jarvis and fellow agent Rose was great! Their interactions were wonderful and I liked that Peggy was a little softer when interacting with Anna.

Seeing her friendships grow stronger, getting to learn more about Peggy’s background and finding out what certain characters fear, loathe, and struggle with: that’s what this season is about. And solving the crime she was sent to L.A. for, of course.

I’m sad I won’t see Peggy Carter on my screen again, but I’m glad we have the two seasons we got.


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