Review: Diablo III – Reaper of Souls

I initially bought this game because I was looking for co-op games, so I could play with my younger sister. I bought this one, Mortal Kombat X and got Rayman Legends for my birthday, but I ended up playing this game mostly on my own, because my little sister apparently doesn’t enjoy dungeon crawlers. I, however, do. A lot.

I’d never played a Diablo game before, but I saw the trailer and thought it looked like something I’d enjoy. I didn’t read up on the previous games, which I did do for God of War III, and just jumped right in.

Now, the story itself was compelling enough: you are a Nephalem (born into the world of Sanctuary and the offspring of angels and demons) have to go up against the Lord of Terror, Diablo, and his minions to save the world – and Heaven. You can choose to play as male or female, and pick from six different classes (one of which is only in the expansion pack Reaper of Souls):

  • The Witch Doctor
  • The Barbarian
  • The Monk
  • The Wizard
  • The Demon Hunter
  • The Crusader (expansion pack only)

I chose to be a female monk. My sister chose to be a female wizard, when she joined me. There’s a handful of NPC’s, followers, that can accompany you on your journeys if you play by yourself. There’s Kormac the Templar, Lyndon the Scoundrel and Eirena the Enchantress. I played with all three of them, but I stuck mostly with Eirena. Maybe one day I’ll replay this game and chose another class and another follower to help me.

I enjoyed the game play, which for me usually meant button smashing (yes, I’m guilty of that), and destroying everything in my path to get as much gold as I could so I could buy fancier armour and weapons. I admit I mostly chose my armour for the aesthetic, so no face-covering helmets for my monk, thank you very much! The game itself has 5 Acts, (the original game had 4) and multiple quests to keep you busy, and I tended to try to talk to any in-game characters I could find, or just eavesdrop, even when it wasn’t necessary, because I wanted to know their stories. There’s nothing like coming back from a murderous rampage and listening in on a noblewoman breaking up with her husband because he’s a coward and wouldn’t stand and fight.

The style of the cut scenes was really pretty, it felt like the story was told through drawings on parchment. And then of course, you had the more realistic cut scenes which were also beautifully crafted. I immensely enjoyed playing the game and the story behind it, and the ending left me cautiously optimistic that maybe there will be another Diablo game in the future, where I will probably go back to being a kick-ass monk, because OF COURSE.


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