Review: Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange is the MCU’s first movie that deals with straight up magic. I must admit I knew very little about Doctor Strange, except that his name was Stephen Strange (name-drop in Captain America: The Winter Soldier) and that he was a doctor. I was very excited for this one, and also a little nervous. The trailers looked good, and the promo pictures of Benedict were great, but there was also a lot of outrage about Tilda Swinton playing The Ancient One. But I put all of my preconceived notions aside as I stepped into the theatre.

Doctor Stephen Strange is a neurosurgeon, the best of the best, and extremely arrogant. When he’s on his way to a speaking engagement, he gets into a car accident. He lives, but his hands are permanently damaged. His recovery goes slowly and he fears he will never be able to perform surgeries again. When he hears about someone who was paralysed but is now walking again, Stephen Strange decides to find out how that came to be. And embarks on a journey he never intended to, or expected.

What a trippy visuals this movie has! I’m so glad that I watched Doctor Strange in 2D, because even though the visuals were great, if I’d watched the movie in 3D I would’ve thrown up. If you have epilepsy, this movie might not be for you. Either way, because I didn’t watch the movie in 3D, I had no problems with the environment-altering magic that the Doctor Strange movie offered. The visuals were pleasing, and I liked that instead of the blue colour most of the technology-based MCU visuals have, (or in case of Loki, greenish) the spells in Doctor Strange are yellow and red. That will help differentiate between attacks during future team-ups.

The story itself was interesting: a man who has everything and acts like it suddenly loses everything he values, and has to really look at himself, the way he sees the world and basically reinvent himself. The blend between drama, action and humour was well executed (Cloak of Levitation for the win!) and the way the end conflict was handled was both funny and sad in a way.

The after credit scene and the end credit scene set up further mysteries, and I personally can’t wait until Stephen Strange meets Tony Stark. Two geniuses with awesome facial hair (sorry Banner) who are no strangers to wise cracking meeting and taking each other’s measure? Yes please! Strange can join the Science Bros; all they need now is a certain raccoon with a gun who happens to be tech-savvy and the perfect subunit of the Avengers is born! *Daydreams*


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