Review: The Blood Mirror by Brent Weeks


The Blood Mirror is the fourth and penultimate book in Brent WeeksThe Lightbringer series. I preordered this one and when I received it, I read it from cover to cover in two and a half days. I would’ve probably finished it sooner if I didn’t have to work one of those days.


The Colour Prince has now declared himself the White King, and the Chromeria is slowly losing the war. Karris, as the new White, is trying all she can to keep the strands that keep their society together from unravelling, but is still hurt by the kidnapping of Gavin, right after she saved him, and from right under her nose. Andross Guile is now promachos, and Zymun is the Prism Elect; he can’t become the true Prism until a certain knife has been found. Kip and the Mighty are fighting the White King’s army, contesting his advance every step of the way. Teia finds out the world she lives in is no longer black and white. Gavin is held captive in a prison of his own design, and finds out some horrible truths about the world, and himself.


It’s hard to talk about this book, mainly because everything I want to talk about is basically a spoiler. What I can say about it, is that it went in several unexpected (but welcome) directions and that, in a way, I now question almost everything I thought I knew about the world, and the characters.

The characters themselves get heaps and heaps of character development, except for maybe one or two, but that’s fine, because I couldn’t care less about either one of those. (Perhaps you’ll be able to guess) What I like about Kip’s storyline is that you see him grow up in front of your eyes during the series. He goes from insecure fat kid of an addict to someone people suspect is the Lightbringer, even though he himself doesn’t believe it. And yet, it feels very natural. It’s one step forward, two steps back and a half to side with Kip. He is growing up to be a formidable man, but he can’t see it, because he can’t see the changes. In his eyes, he’s still the same weak boy he ever was. It’s believable, although a little frustrating sometimes, because you want to see him realise how far he’s come.

Can we talk about Tisis for a moment? When she proposed marriage to Kip in the previous book, I was like “Ah, hell no!” After all, all we’ve seen her do is be snide, belittling and sabotaging Kip. Why would I ever want them to get married? And yet, in this book Brent makes me care. Care about her, about her relationship with Kip and how her every action is guided by the fact that she’s basically the only hope for her family to survive within a world of vicious people and political agenda’s. She’s shown to be smart in her own way, and caring.

Which brings me to Teia. Because caring is not a word I’d be associating with her right now. The things she was forced to do in this book, and the lack of emotions that she showed at times, was very not-Teia. But then, I already knew that she was going to change: if you’re caught up with a group of invisible assassins who also happen to be religious fanatics and being an assassin/spy for them, while spying on them for the White, you’re bound to change. Hell, being in a room with Murder Sharp would be enough to drastically change in personality! He’s such a creepy character….ugh.

And Gavin…poor, poor Gavin. I literally can’t believe what has been revealed to him, about him and by him. There’s so much here that you wish isn’t true, that you believe can’t be true, and yet. And yet. Of course, the sources of all of this information are questionable to say the least, but it’s given me a lot to think on.

The meaning/significance of the title of the first book was finally revealed and that makes me think The Blood Mirror’s title will make sense after reading the last book. The Blinding Knife and The Broken Eye speak for themselves, and now that I know what The Black Prism means, I wonder what the title of the last book will be.

I can’t wait to see how the last book finishes up this incredible story!




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