Review: Whispers Underground by Ben Aaronovitch


Whispers Underground is the third book in the Peter Grant series by Ben Aaronovitch. I devoured this book in little more than a day.


PC Peter Grant is called to the Underground while pursuing a lead about the wizard who’d tried to kill him during his previous adventure, and when he gets there he’s greeted by the terrible sight of a man stabbed to death. Though he doesn’t pick up any magical residue from the body, he does from what they assume to be the murder weapon. A shard of some kind of ceramic. With the help of his mentor Nightingale, his now fellow student PC Lesley May whose face is still ruined, the Murder Team and a strange bloke named Zach who is more than he lets on, Peter descends into the tunnels of the London underground and the sewers. All while being followed by a pesky FBI agent who has pegged him as suspicious.


I can’t stress enough how much I enjoy Peter Grant and his adventures/interactions with other people! Both the magical and the mundane. His matter-of-factly manner coupled with his digressions (often of the nerdy/geeky variety) make for some very interesting and funny conversations. He’s getting more and more comfortable with his role, and how other perceive him now that he’s part of the Folly.

His friendship with Lesley is still as endearing as ever, even though he still has trouble looking at her ruined face when she takes off her mask. But things are getting better, and she’s advancing much quicker than Peter did. I look forward to seeing those two handle more cases together. I’m hoping he’s also going to spend more time with Kumar. He was a great character as well.

The inclusion of the FBI agent made for a lot of fun, and a lot of speculation. The fact that agent Reynolds was packing, while the PC’s are not, was an interesting titbit of real life. Once again the series gives you a taste of what it means to be a cop in England, specifically London. The cases Peter worked on were interesting as well, and I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. I didn’t see that conclusion coming!

All in all, I enjoyed reading this book, and I’m looking forward to reading the next three instalments. The next two books are already standing proudly in my book-case, and the third will no doubt be on its way soon.




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