Writing Update #13

Since I finished the first draft of my third WIP [BOR] a couple of weeks ago, I haven’t really written since. I need some time away from the sprawling project; not just to come back later with fresh eyes, but also because I don’t know if I like the road eventually taken.

I had one plan, and though I tried to follow my outline strictly, there have been some major changes to it. I feel like the end stretches, which were hard for me to write, turned into a meandering mess instead of the climax it deserved, and I dread going back to this WIP and seeing the hot mess as a ‘reader’ instead of a writer. I know this one needs a lot of work: a lot of editing, rewriting and probably restructuring.

But right now I’m busy editing my second NaNoWriMo novel [OSAA], and I’ve received a critique of the first half of my first manuscript [TEE], the one I’m querying agents for, and there’s some work to be done there as well. So [OSAA] is going to have to wait. Probably a lot longer than my other projects.

I’ve been trying to plot a new project [E] (not sure yet if it’s going to be a novel, or a novella), but it’s not going too well right now. I need to figure out what events absolutely need to happen in this story, and why. It’s also going to be in a somewhat strange writing process, I think, because I want to write it like a fairytale told by camp fire, which I’ve never tried before.

I’ve also been slacking on the whole world building for a future series front, and I’m meaning to pick that back up. First I’ll have to try to create a map for [TEE] though, and I’m not looking forwards to that, because I have issues with reading maps and distances (dycalculia) . Especially because I hardly ever look at the maps in Fantasy books. I never reference them at all. So there’s a challenge for me as well.



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