Query Update #7

I haven’t posted an update in a while, because I haven’t really been querying for [TEE] for a while. I’ve mostly been researching agents (and procrastinating when I should’ve been researching agents). But I do have one positive story to tell.

I already wrote about getting a request for a full, many months back. But what I didn’t mention is that I’ve also got a request for the first five chapters of [TEE] from another agent. This one was from the US. I sent the first five chapters immediately, and then didn’t hear from the agent for more than six months. I got worried.

Did they even get my chapters? Did I end up in the spam folder? Was it a silent rejection? Did they just forget about me? A couple of weeks ago I stopped worrying and decided to send a follow-up e-mail (to a couple of other agents as well). The agent in question got back to me a couple of days later, telling me she was sorry for taking so long to reply and that she’d found herself drowning in the amount of partials and fulls she had requested. So she was going for a hard reset.

She urged me to start from the beginning, if I still wanted her to look at my work, and query her again (just the query, no chapters). I replied to her e-mail, saying that I would, and immediately afterwards I sent my query to her again. Haven’t heard from her yet, but I’m hopeful this will work out for me. *fingers crossed*


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