Editing Update #10

Well, first things first: I sent the second draft of my NaNoWriMo2015 novel [OSAA] to two of my beta readers around the last few days of 2016, and sent it to another beta reader on the 22nd of January 2017. I’m hoping to get their feedback around March, though I’ve not given them a hard deadline. I still find it hard to set an actual deadline; they’re busy people, I’m not paying them for their hard work, and the draft is pretty big. Perhaps I’ll get better at that someday.

Also, I’ve not yet started editing the 3rd WIP [BOR] that I finished around the end of 2016. I’ve had it printed and bound, and it’s ready for me when I eventually get to it, but I haven’t because I’ve been going back to and going over my very first novel [TEE]. The one I’m querying agents for.

One of my beta readers critiqued the entirety of [TEE], and sent me half of her extensive feedback (which I’m eternally grateful for). There’s lots to be done, and I’d like to finish up editing/rewriting the first half of the novel before she sends me the other half of her critique in February. I’d love to improve the novel I’m querying before any other agent requests a partial or a full. Draft four is great, but draft five could be so much better. Rereading this novel after such a long time while editing, tweaking and even rewriting things reminded me how much I love the story, and I hope one day I’ll be blessed to share that story with the Fantasy-loving world through publication.

Anyways, once I finish editing this novel, I’m starting on the first revision round of [BOR] So…probably around March.


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