Review: Logan

Logan. God, I’ve been excited for this movie ever since I heard about it being made, and every single titbit that came out about it before the trailer came out kept that excitement at the same level.

Let me be honest, Wolverine Origins was really really bad – X-men: The Last Stand and X-men: Apocalypse bad – , but the first 3/4 of The Wolverine were awesome and touching, and I really hated that the last 1/4 went downhill. Logan, however, was great, beginning to end.

We’re in the future, and the future is bleak. There have been no mutants born in 25 years, the X-men are gone, and also…there are X-men comics? Logan is older, his body’s not healing as quickly as it used to, and he’s pretty much done with life. Taking care of Charles, now in his nineties, struggling with dementia and losing control of his magnificent powers, with the help of albino mutant called Caliban, he lives near the Mexican border. But then a mysterious woman asks him for help, and she has a little girl with her. A little girl capable of extraordinary things.

This movie isn’t for kids. There’s violence, lots of violence, but there’s also drama. And the drama cuts deep. I can’t go into most of the movie, mainly because that would be spoiler after spoiler, but I was in tears two times. This is the culmination of the journey Logan has been on since the first X-men, with and without Charles, and it works. Everything that has happened, re-set timelines and all, weighs on Logan. He’s tired. He’s old. Much older than Charles, and Charles is slowly losing control of his mind and his powers.

Everything is going to hell after he meets the mysterious woman and the girl, Laura. Laura, what can I say about her without spoiling anything? Just this: she shines. Even next to seasoned actors like Hugh Jackman and Sir Patrick Stewart she holds her own. Her back story is heart-wrenching and her interactions with both Logan and Charles are both frustrating and adorable.

Logan was the perfect vehicle to say goodbye to Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and Sir Patrick Stewart as Professor X. In fact, it was so beautiful, and fitting, and touching, that I think I’ll never watch a new X-men movie again. I’ll rewatch the older ones, sure, but now that OG Wolverine (please don’t recast) and OG Charles (I do enjoy McAvoy’s version, but Patrick is Patrick) have said their goodbyes, there’s very little appeal to see any new X-men movies.

Even if you don’t necessarily enjoy the X-men movies, it’s still worth it to go see Logan. Because it’s a beautiful movie which revolves around mortality and the struggle of not being what people have made you to be.


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