Writing Update #15

So, I’ve decided to put the writing of [C] on a halt for now. I’ve been having a hard time writing on this novel, and my daily word counts are nothing to write home about.

I’ve lost the passion for this project, I think. I was following my outline strictly for a while, then I decided to go another way and from there on out, I was very lacklustre about the whole thing. So I’ve decided to shelf this one for a while and work on something I am actually passionate about.

It’s a new project, which was formed out of one page of text I’d collaborated on with another writer way back when, but we never did something with it. I decided to take the names of the characters already on the page, and write something new.

I’ve not actually written anything yet – it retains the temporary title the initial project had only because I haven’t thought of a new one – but I’ve been world building, character designing and plotting like crazy. I have a good idea of where this novel (let’s call it [TT] for now) is going, and that has made my hands itch in anticipation of writing the actual thing. I’m about halfway through the plotting right now, and am looking forward finishing it.

It’s probably the most world building and character building I’ve ever done; I even drew family trees! I can’t even express how excited I am for this novel. I honestly think I haven’t been in love with one of my stories like this since [TEE].

I’ve completely neglected the plotting for [E] though, but that was to be expected.


A penny for your thoughts

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