Review: Lady of the Lake by Andrzej Sapkowski

Lady of the Lake is the last book in the Witcher series by Andrzej Sapkowski. I’ve heard that there’s another book, Season of Storms, which will come out (translated in English) in 2018, but I think that one’s a short story collection.


Ciri escaped the torturing arms of her pursuer, and fled into the Tower of Swallows. It transported her to a world of Elves, but not the Elves she knows. She is a prisoner, and they will only let her go if she agrees to do one thing. One terrible thing. Meanwhile Geralt is looking for Ciri back in their world with his companions, trying to save her from those who wish to harm her, or control her. Yennefer has been put in chains, and tortured, by people who want to get their hands on her surrogate daughter. And the Emperor of Nilfgaard too has his eye on the prize.


Look, time travel is confusing. Time and space travel even more so. Pair the time travel and space travel with excerpts of scholarly writing, university classes and dream sequences and it becomes almost too much. Almost. The story of Lady of the Lake was not as easy to follow as some of the other books, for sure, but in the end I think I understood most of what was happening. What was happening though, wasn’t pleasant.

There’s a lot of unpleasantness in the book, even more so than the previous ones, and it really drives home the idea that the world Geralt, Yennefer, Ciri and the others inhabit really isn’t a fairy tale world. No matter how picturesque Toussaint might be. There’s a war going on between the Northern lands and Nilfgaard, the race relations between non-humans and humans are at an all time low, and people are generally miserable.

Geralt goes through some very heavy losses this book, Yennefer is horribly tortured by those who wish to harm Ciri and Ciri….damn. Girl can’t get a break. None of them can. I can’t really go into most of the things that happen in the book in fear of spoilers, but let me just tell you; when I finished it, I was sad for it to be over, and yet also glad to not have to see my favourite characters suffer any more.

But at least there were unicorns! And King Arthur references!




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