Query Update #11

It’s been a while since I’ve written about the querying progress for [TEE]. Mainly because there hasn’t really been any. I’ve been querying agents here and there since the last update, but no luck just yet. I’ve mostly been occupied with writing my new WIP [TT] and editing [OSAA] to get it ready to submit to Angry Robot’s open door period. Planning to get back to editing [BOR], and maybe give [TEE] another look. Could be fresh eyes would pick out some things I didn’t see before, even though I’m up to draft number 5 right now.

I thought it would be informative to provide some numbers for [TEE], so I looked at my query spreadsheet. So here it is:

  • I’ve submitted [TEE] to literary agents for consideration 53 times, since mid 2015
  • Of those 53 submissions, I got 1 request for a partial, and 2 requests for my full
  • None of those resulted in an offer for representation. The two full requests eventually turned into rejections (one with feedback and one without). I never heard back from the agent who requested the partial
  • 10 of those 53 queries I closed out myself, because they never got back to me, or their stated reaction time was exceeded by months
  • I’ve nudged 10 agents 1 time, nudged 3 agents 2 times and nudged 1 agent 3 times
  • I’m still waiting on responses from 8 agents

So there. Those are the numbers right now for [TEE].


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