Query Update #12

Just a quick update. I’m still querying literary agents for [TEE], and after sending in [OSAA] during Angry Robot’s open door period, I decided to start querying agents for that novel as well.

I officially started querying [OSAA] this February, and have sent out 9 queries so far. These are all to UK agents. Once I finish my list of UK agents, I’m querying US agents as well. I’m taking it slow, like I did with [TEE]. I’m not going to send out 10 queries at a time, because that only ensures I’ll make regrettable mistakes/forget things. I’m quite nervous, but hopeful. You kind of have to be, right? Still, I’ve already received 2 form rejections for [OSAA], so we’ll see how it goes.

I’m also on page 5 of 7 of agents who represent Fantasy on Querytracker, so my research is going well. It’s a bummer Preditors & Editors is down though.


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