Review: Uncharted – Thief’s End

I like the Uncharted games. I don’t necessarily love them as much as I love, for instance, The Witcher III or God of War, but I will happily devote some hours of my time playing as Nathan Drake. So it was only natural that I bought the final instalment (featuring Nate at least).

Nathan and Elena have settled down, living a normal life. There’s no more adventure. That is, until his older brother Sam suddenly shows up at his door, needing his help. Sam has spent years of his life rotting away in a foreign jail while Nathan thought he was dead. Now he’s out, and owes the one who got him out – a drug lord – a lot of money. Together the two brothers embark on a journey to find Henry Avery’s legendary pirate treasure, and to save Sam’s life.

The exploration and treasure hunting aspects of the Uncharted games are always my favourite parts, in addition to the character interactions. So adding a few new characters to this final game was a great idea in my book. Sam, Rafe and Nadine are all fully formed people, and it was easy to root for them, or hate them.

Seeing Nate and Elena both chafe against the limitations they’ve set for themselves as they live a “normal” life was very interesting. You get the sense that both of them are restless and miss the thrill and adventure. However certain choices of Nathan made him come across like a jerk, which I think may have been the point. We’ve seen Nate grow in these games, but he’s still not quite there yet.

He’s a lot more adjusted than Sam though. Man…what to say about Sam without spoiling? Hmmm. I get Nathan’s attachment to him: Sam is his older brother of course. They’ve been through so much together. But, it seems to me Sam is the constant catalyst for a lot of trouble that Nathan finds himself in. Sure, Nathan makes his own choices, but especially during the flashbacks I was wondering why Sam didn’t set a better example for them. Oh well.

There were plenty of times I would’ve left Sam’s ass if I were Nathan, but then, I’m not Nathan.

As always, the gunfights tended to trip me up; I have the habit of dying 40 times in a row because I have run out of ammo, threw my own grenade at myself by accident, or got sniped by a sniper I thought I killed three shotgun blasts ago. Honestly, I prefer the horse & sword combo over gun & car. But still, I eventually got through all of the fights. Eventually…. I did better with most of the puzzles.

The ending was satisfactory, and the epilogue was touching. A good way to end the series.


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