Review: The Last of Us – Left Behind

I finished The Last of Us in February, but it took me until last night to finish playing the single-player DLC Left Behind. I started it pretty enthusiastically, but because – as usual – I kept dying and dying and dying and dying in the most terrible of ways, I lost my appetite for it a little bit. I also got distracted by two The Witcher III expansion packs I bought, though that is a story (review) for another time.

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Review: The Last of Us Remastered

I bought this game when buying my PS4 way back in 2015, because I’d heard good things about it and because I’d been following the ‘Teens React to Gaming’ series on YouTube where they played through this game. I was a bit worried that my enjoyment of the game would be lessened by the fact that I already knew most of what would happen, but those worries proved to be unfounded.

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Review: God of War III Remastered

I’ll be honest, I’d never played a God of War game in my life before I purchased my PS4/God of War III combo back in December 2015. Heck, I never even had experience with console gaming (besides playing at a friend’s house and my little sister’s Wii) before that. Unless a PSP is considered a console, then I knew a little about console gaming. But I’d always been interested in the God of War games, so when I’d decided to jump head-first into gaming, I knew God of War III Remastered would be the game that popped my Playstation cherry.

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