Review: The Burning White by Brent Weeks

The Burning White is the long-awaited fifth and final novel in Brent WeeksThe Lightbringer series.


War has come to the Chromeria’s doorstep. The White King and his army of wights and pagans set fire to peaceful lands, and people. They want to overthrow the entire system, and have gods by their sides to help them do it. The Order of the Broken Eye has set a one-eyed, starved and colourless Gavin on a quest to find their god, and kill it. He has accepted, for what choice does he have? Kip and the Mighty are trying to save as many as they can from the enemy, but find themselves outnumbered, and burning through their luxin quickly. Teia is working hard, spying for Karris, and killing for the Order. She hopes to bring them all down in one fell swoop, but she’s just one girl armed with paryl. All of them wish to stop the invasion and save the innocent people caught in the crossfire, but failure is only one bad decision away. Continue reading

Review: The Blood Mirror by Brent Weeks


The Blood Mirror is the fourth and penultimate book in Brent WeeksThe Lightbringer series. I preordered this one and when I received it, I read it from cover to cover in two and a half days. I would’ve probably finished it sooner if I didn’t have to work one of those days.


The Colour Prince has now declared himself the White King, and the Chromeria is slowly losing the war. Karris, as the new White, is trying all she can to keep the strands that keep their society together from unravelling, but is still hurt by the kidnapping of Gavin, right after she saved him, and from right under her nose. Andross Guile is now promachos, and Zymun is the Prism Elect; he can’t become the true Prism until a certain knife has been found. Kip and the Mighty are fighting the White King’s army, contesting his advance every step of the way. Teia finds out the world she lives in is no longer black and white. Gavin is held captive in a prison of his own design, and finds out some horrible truths about the world, and himself.

Continue reading

Review: The Broken Eye by Brent Weeks


The Broken Eye is the third novel in Brent WeeksThe Lightbringer series and came out on the 26th of August. I powered through this one in a day and a night. It was part of a birthday present for myself I’d put together. (I also bought Esslemont‘s Assail and Dark Angel s1)


Gavin Guile, The Prism, is enslaved on a ship, with his powers gone, believed dead by most at the Chromeria. Kip is trying to not to get entangled in intrigue and possible conspiracies. Teia discovers powers she didn’t know she had and finds herself at the middle of a secret order of assassins. The Colour Prince is on the move and he’s making his most loyal allies into gods, for him to control. The war isn’t going well for the Chromeria and people are rushing to find their Prism, not knowing that he hasn’t got his powers any more. He can’t save anyone, least of all himself. Continue reading

Review: The Blinding Knife by Brent Weeks


The Blinding Knife is the second novel in Brent WeeksThe Lightbringer series.


Kip is training to be a Blackguard, while Gavin, the Prism, and Karris are away to make sure the refugees have somewhere to live. But Kip’s grandfather, Andross Guile, has his eye on Kip and is making Kip and his friends’ lives miserable. Gavin tries to rally his people for the war against the Colour Prince, but omits that he has also lost the ability to lose the colour green aside from his previously lost blue.  And the Colour Prince isn’t playing around. Continue reading

The year 2013…

2013 for me was the year of sequels and delayed gratification.

Sequels were a constant in my life this year: from the second year of Japanstudies I enrolled in, the majority of movies I watched at the cinema (Fast and Furious 6, Iron man 3, Thor: The Dark World, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire & The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug), to the new seasons of TV shows I watched. Continue reading

Review: The Black Prism by Brent Weeks


(Is it just me or does the guy on the cover look like the late Kevin Smith, who played Ares in Xena?)

The Black Prism is the first book of the Lightbringer series by Brent Weeks, which will span four books in total. I got this one for my birthday (along with James Barclay‘s Beyond the Mists of Katura, David Gemmell‘s The Hawk Eternal, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle‘s The Complete Sherlock Holmes and Steven Erikson‘s The Forge of Darkness).


Kip is the son of an addicted single mother in a small village. He’s nothing special – just a fat kid that can take a punch. But when his village is attacked and its people horribly slaughtered, Kip discovers something about himself he never knew before. And that will change his life and the lives of all around him for good. Continue reading