Review Thor: Ragnarok

It’s no surprise to anyone who knows me that Iron Man is my favourite MCU character. And if I look at the Avengers, Bruce Banner/Hulk and Thor, son of Odin, are tied at second place. There’s just something about that lovable blonde doofus that resonates with me. It helps that he has a very interesting dynamic with his sibling(s). So I’ve been looking forward to Thor: Ragnarok from the moment the movie was announced. Even before I’d seen the impressive cast list, or the first few visuals.

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Review: Thor

Last weekend I saw the movie Thor – another one of those superhero movies I’d get to one day. Especially after seeing The Avengers, I really wanted to see Thor. (Captain America and the Hulk didn’t capture my attention that much, when it comes to their individual movies) I had no expectations of this movie, because I’d only heard of Thor through mythology – one of my hobbies is learning about mythology, folklore and legends from other cultures.

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