Review: The Wheel of Osheim by Mark Lawrence


The Wheel of Osheim is the third and last book in The Red Queen’s War series by Mark Lawrence.


The Wheel of Osheim is turning faster than ever, and it will crack the world unless it’s stopped. And Jalan is just the man for the job, even though he tries to convince everyone he isn’t. Jalan and Snorri face danger upon danger, from the minions the Dead King, the mysterious Lady Blue, to the horrors of Hell itself. The Wheel must be stopped. Nothing else, and no one else matters. Continue reading


Review: Prince of Fools by Mark Lawrence

Prince of Fools is the first book in The Red Queen’s War trilogy by Mark Lawrence. The events of this book happen concurrently with the events in Prince of Thorns (book one of The Broken Empire trilogy).  Now, I was sure I wrote a review of The Broken Empire trilogy as well for this blog, but I seem to have been mistaken.


Jalan Kendeth is one of the many grandchildren of the Red Queen, an elderly woman still feared by many of the kings of the Broken Empire. Jalan is a prince, but one who likes to spend time whoring, gambling, drinking, and seducing noble ladies. When he is summoned, along with all of his siblings and cousins, to listen to tales of dead men and women who rise again, he thinks it ludicrous rumours. That his grandmother seems to take it seriously means nothing to him; just like the Silent Sister by her side that no one but him can see, he ignores it. He listens to the tales of a Northman slave, thinking it a well-spun and well-told web of lies, not knowing that before he will be bound to the Northman in more ways than one. Continue reading

Review: Ravensoul by James Barclay


Ravensoul is the last novel of The Legends of The Raven series by James Barclay. And it’s the most grandiose novel of them all, in a way, because The Raven are back. Even though they were pretty much killed off (except two) in Demonstorm. Barclay killed his and my darlings, but brought them back to life….so to speak.


The souls of the dead are inhabiting recent corpses all over Balaia and Calaius. And the recently deceased cannot find eternal rest. Because the Garonin, the ancient and monstrous enemy of the Elves, have reached the dimension of the dead. And through that dimension, they’ve found purchase on Balaia, Calaius and the dragon dimension. Denser, High Mage of Xetesk, and The Unknown Warrior now called by his real name Sol, find themselves in the middle of it all. Because The Raven – long or newly deceased – are back and claiming Sol is the one to rescue the humans, dragons and Elves by finding them a new home. The only problem is, he will have to die first. And Denser isn’t having any of that. Continue reading