Review: The Judge

After going back to his home town to attend his mother’s funeral, Hank Palmer (Robert Downey Jr.), suave defence lawyer, knocks heads with his distant and headstrong father. As he gets ready to leave, his father is shaken up by the news that he’s a murder suspect. Hank stays to support his father and brothers during the trial. And learn more about his father, the judge.

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Review: Changeling

And the Oscar goes to: Changeling. What a horrific and horrible story – not in a plot kind of way. But it’s just so heart-wrenching! I can’t remember a time when I was watching a drama and felt like I experiencing everything myself. It’s just such a touching and sad story. Angelina Jolie plays Christine Collins –  a single career woman who is also a good mother. She has a nine-year old son, named Walter. One day, Walter goes missing. 5 months later, the LAPD claims to have found Walter and reunites mother and son. Only it’s not her son. And no one wants to believe her.

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Review: Brave

From the moment the movie started, with that beautiful Celtic music, I was like “GOD YES!” I just knew I would enjoy this movie – I’d known that from the moment I saw the trailer. Finally there was a Disney/Pixar movie made recently which was really worth my time and money! Not that recent Disney movies have been particularly bad, but I have noticed the trend of animated movies being ‘just for laughs’. If you look at the older movies, like The Hunchback of the Notre Dame, The Lion King, Ferngully, Mulan, Beauty and the Beast or Hercules, the audience was treated like adults, even though they were children. They were treated like they had a brain and were intelligent enough to understand the morals and life lessons the movies had to teach. They weren’t made just to make kids laugh – in fact, the older movies were quite gruesome at times. They dealt with very adult themes, themes that don’t always appear in more recent movies.

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House M.D. Series Finale

House M.D. is arguably one of my favorite shows ever. In any case, it’s the show I’ve been with the longest. I happened to tune into the first episode of season two one day while surfing channels and was hooked. I decided to watch the show online and started from the beginning. For some strange reason, I’ve always liked non-social characters more than social ones, especially when they choose to be non-social. Take Bones, for instance, who doesn’t choose to be non-social but just happens to be that way. I like her, but I like House more. Continue reading