Review: The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison


I’d heard a lot of praise for The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison, which compelled me to purchase it and see for myself if it really deserved the praise. It does. It really does.


Maia, the half Goblin half Elven outcast son of the Elven Emperor, is suddenly forced to become the Emperor of a realm he doesn’t really know and understand when his father and his full-blooded brothers die in an airship crash. He’s shipped off to court in the Elflands and finds himself struggling against misconceptions about his ‘Goblin side’, against his own ignorance of the happenings and workings of the court, against the traditionalism of the Elves and against his own insecurities. He has no friends, no allies, only enemies. Continue reading

Review: Elves series by James Barclay










The Elves series by James Barclay is comprised of the following three books:

  • Once Walked With Gods
  • Rise of the TaiGethen
  • Beyond the Mists of Katura

These books are prequels to The Chronicles of The Raven and the Legends of The Raven series that I’ve come to know and love. I didn’t know what expect from the Elves series, mainly because the Elven nation and their beliefs only came into play around Barclay’s Elfsorrow, but I surely wasn’t expecting this. Continue reading

Review: Ravensoul by James Barclay


Ravensoul is the last novel of The Legends of The Raven series by James Barclay. And it’s the most grandiose novel of them all, in a way, because The Raven are back. Even though they were pretty much killed off (except two) in Demonstorm. Barclay killed his and my darlings, but brought them back to life….so to speak.


The souls of the dead are inhabiting recent corpses all over Balaia and Calaius. And the recently deceased cannot find eternal rest. Because the Garonin, the ancient and monstrous enemy of the Elves, have reached the dimension of the dead. And through that dimension, they’ve found purchase on Balaia, Calaius and the dragon dimension. Denser, High Mage of Xetesk, and The Unknown Warrior now called by his real name Sol, find themselves in the middle of it all. Because The Raven – long or newly deceased – are back and claiming Sol is the one to rescue the humans, dragons and Elves by finding them a new home. The only problem is, he will have to die first. And Denser isn’t having any of that. Continue reading

Review: Demonstorm by James Barclay


Demonstorm is the third book of The Legend of The Raven series by James Barclay. It was supposed to be the last book in the series – how couldn’t it be with that ending? – but Barclay decided to add the fourth and last book Ravensoul. A good but surprising call. Anyway, here’s my review.


Demons are ruling Balaia. Mankind has been enslaved – except for the Wesmen and the Elves. And that is because they have something that the former rulers of Balaia never had. What neither man nor mage ever had. Faith. Though their souls can’t be taken from them with a demon’s touch, they can still be killed. And it’s not just Balaia that’s under threat. The demons have found their way into the dimension of the dragons as well. And the realm of the dead is next. The Raven have been going their separate ways for five years, some living on Herendereth, others on Calaius. They no longer care for Balaia, since its inhabitants were so quick to forget all that The Raven has done for them. But there is one call they cannot ignore. One call they must heed. The dead are being threatened. And Ilkar is amongst them. Continue reading

Review: Shadowheart by James Barclay


This review is about the second book of the Legends of The Raven series by James Barclay: Shadowheart. It was actually the middle book of the series, before Barclay decided to add one last novel about the adventures of The Raven, Ravensoul, to the series. I’m glad he did, because Ravensoul is a thing of beauty, especially after the events that occurred in Demonstorm, the third book in the series. But right now, I’ll be talking about Shadowheart. Continue reading

Review: Elfsorrow by James Barclay


Elfsorrow, the very first novel in the Legends of The Raven series by James Barclay which continues where The Chronicles of The Raven ended. Arguably, this is my favourite novel of all of The Raven series and the most touching and horrifying for me personally. In the review below, I’ll tell you why.


The Raven have been struggling after the death of Lyanna, the Nightchild and keeper of the One Magic. Balaia is on the brink of war as Xetesk and Dordover are both intent on each other’s destruction. The Raven decide to set sail for Calaius, the Elven continent, to find Ilkar the mages he needs to rebuild Julatsa. But a platoon of Xetesk has arrived there before them and has desecrated the most important temple of the Elven faith; the temple of Yniss, the creator of the Elves. They have destroyed the harmony of the rainforest and the Elven race and the Sorrow is killing thousands of Elves. The Raven, alongside the most powerful native Elven warriors must get back what the men from Xetesk stole before the Sorrow wipes out all Elves. Including Raven mage Ilkar. Continue reading