Review: Spiderlight by Adrian Tchaikovsky

A friend of mine had already recommended Adrian Tchaikovsky‘s Shadows of the Apt series to me, but even though I bought the first novel in the series, I jumped at the opportunity to read a stand-alone of his first. To give me a taste of his writing style. That opportunity was Spiderlight.


Nth is a spider, a creature of Dark, and completely content to do spidery things, when a group of Man enters the woods he lives in. They burn a path through his many brethren, right up to his mother. He fears for his mother’s live then, and would gladly have given his life to defend hers. But his mother makes a deal with these humans, and one of those conditions is having one of her brood guide them towards the Dark Lord the humans mean to defeat. That guide is be Nth.

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Review: The Hanging Tree by Ben Aaronovitch

The Hanging Tree is the sixth novel in the PC Peter Grant series by Ben Aaronovitch. I thought it was the last in the series, but luckily I was wrong.


Peter is back in London and finds himself assigned to a case of accidental overdose. There doesn’t seem to be anything ‘Folly’ related about the case, until it becomes clear one of the witnesses is the daughter of Lady Ty. Goddess of River Tyburn. Sister of his girlfriend Beverly Brook. And she’s going to cash in that favour he owes her for saving his life when he was buried alive.
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r/Fantasy Bingo 2017

So, I heard about the r/Fantasy bingo almost as soon as I subscribed to that subreddit, but had no idea what it was or how to participate.

Then the announcement for Bingo 2017 came along and I had a chance to read up on what the idea of Bingo was. It’s like bingo, but with books! It has 25 quares with different categories (debut novel, self-published, horror, sea-faring, etc.) and it aimed at encouraging the community to read outside their comfort zone.

I’m participating this year and I’m very exited. I’ve already got two squares (maybe three) covered!

Review: The High King by Lloyd Alexander

The High King is the last book in the Chronicles of Prydain by Lloyd Alexander. I’ve also ordered The Foundling and other tales of Prydain; a book of short stories that complements the series.


Even though Arawn Death-lord of Annuvin has suffered great defeats, this time the entirety of Prydain will feel his wrath. The Sons of Don must come together and put aside their quarrels to unite against the forces of Annuvin. Taran and his companions too will join the fray, but do they have any hope of winning free of Arawn and his foul grasp on Prydain?

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