Writing Update #5

So, I’ve been steadily writing ever since handing in my thesis at the end of last month. I’m mostly working on my novella [TBWAH], and my synopsis and query letter for [TEE]. I’m still having a hard time selling my “product,” so to speak, but I’m content with the query draft I have so far. I’ve sent it out to some of my beta readers, to see what they think.

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Well, my second year of Japanstudies went well

My second year at Leiden university studying Japanstudies is finished (has been since the 19th of June when I had my one and only resit) and everything this year went surprisingly well. Like, really surprisingly well. Continue reading

Finals & final papers

Officially I’d say my finals and final papers weeks started around the 12th of November because that was the day I handed in my first paper for International Relations of Japan (which I passed). So the 12th it is then. On the 10th of December I had a take-home final for Korean Material Culture and my partner and I will be handing in our two-women paper for the same class today. Continue reading

Resits: it’s all good

So I passed both my resits and it really feels like a weight just fell off my shoulder. I was especially dreading the grade for sociology, because if I failed that, I had to quit. But in the end that was my highest mark of the two and that was a pleasant surprise. I’m still processing the fact that I am still allowed to study Japanese. Continue reading

1st semester exam results – all results are in!

Well, all the results are in. The rest of the grades are sufficient, so I’ll only have to have a resit for my oral exam, which I explained in an earlier post, and one of my midterm exams. So that’s not too shabby. Not too shabby at all. I’m happy with my results, especially since I was certain I’d failed some. But I proved myself wrong (I love when I do that). Now on to the next semester!