Review: Foxglove Summer by Ben Aaronovitch

Foxglove Summer is the fifth book in the PC Peter Grant series by Ben Aaronovitch, and I believe the first book in which Peter spends the majority of his time not in London.


As the events of the last book have left Peter shaken, he jumps at the chance to spend some time outside of London. Unfortunately, the case he’s assisting on is a dark one: two pre-teen girls have gone missing in rural Herefordshire. There’s no indication that there might be magic involved, but that doesn’t stop for Peter from worrying. Time is running out.

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Review: Changeling

And the Oscar goes to: Changeling. What a horrific and horrible story – not in a plot kind of way. But it’s just so heart-wrenching! I can’t remember a time when I was watching a drama and felt like I experiencing everything myself. It’s just such a touching and sad story. Angelina Jolie plays Christine Collins –  a single career woman who is also a good mother. She has a nine-year old son, named Walter. One day, Walter goes missing. 5 months later, the LAPD claims to have found Walter and reunites mother and son. Only it’s not her son. And no one wants to believe her.

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