Dyscalculia: A Constant Struggle

Today I’d like to write about something completely different from what I usually write about (Fantasy, books, movies, etc.). A more serious topic of – hopefully – conversation: dyscalculia. Not as a doctor, or a professional in the field, because I’m not, but as someone who’s been hampered by this learning disorder her whole life – and who’ll continue to be hampered by it for the rest of it.

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Review: Hours

Paul Walker (may he rest in peace) usually got a lot of flack for his acting skills when he was still alive, but I never thought he was a bad actor. He wasn’t the best or the greatest, but he always kept my interest. I’ve seen quite a lot of his work and therefore know not to put the label ‘action star’ on him, because there’s more to him than that. And I think Hours was definitely the next step in his career: a step away from action roles.

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Well, my second year of Japanstudies went well

My second year at Leiden university studying Japanstudies is finished (has been since the 19th of June when I had my one and only resit) and everything this year went surprisingly well. Like, really surprisingly well. Continue reading

The beginning of the second semester is nigh!

So, after pretty much having the entire month of January off (well, from university, not from work or resits or…practising vocabulary and kanji) the second semester officially begins tomorrow. I’m quite nervous because I’ve noticed that my kana reading skills have been declining because I haven’t really been practising them. I’m very slow. And my katakana memory is horrible! I can read them just fine, but writing them from the top of  my head is almost torture. This is bad. This is really bad. LOL. Continue reading

Review: The Ea Cycle by David Zindell

ea cycle

The Ea Cycle series by David Zindell is comprised of the following books:

  • The Lightstone: The Ninth Kingdom
  • The Lightstone: The Silver Sword
  • The Lord of Lies
  • Black Jade
  • The Diamond Warriors


Valashu Elahad is the seventh son of the King of Mesh, one of the nine kingdoms of the Valari warriors. But unlike many of his kin, he aims to be a warrior of the soul instead of the sword and abhors war. So when he is asked to join in the quest to find the fabled Lightstone – that wonderful gelstei that will make men more than men and bring the people of Ea to an Age of light and love and wonder – he jumps at the opportunity. After all, why wouldn’t he try to go after  the one thing that will stop Morjin, the Red Dragon of Sakai, who himself is more than a man, from obtaining the ultimate power? But little does Valashu know, and little do his companions know, of the fate of the world and their own. And of the fate of the Maitraya, the Shining One. Continue reading