Dyscalculia: A Constant Struggle

Today I’d like to write about something completely different from what I usually write about (Fantasy, books, movies, etc.). A more serious topic of – hopefully – conversation: dyscalculia. Not as a doctor, or a professional in the field, because I’m not, but as someone who’s been hampered by this learning disorder her whole life – and who’ll continue to be hampered by it for the rest of it.

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Review: Hours

Paul Walker (may he rest in peace) usually got a lot of flack for his acting skills when he was still alive, but I never thought he was a bad actor. He wasn’t the best or the greatest, but he always kept my interest. I’ve seen quite a lot of his work and therefore know not to put the label ‘action star’ on him, because there’s more to him than that. And I think Hours was definitely the next step in his career: a step away from action roles.

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Well, my second year of Japanstudies went well

My second year at Leiden university studying Japanstudies is finished (has been since the 19th of June when I had my one and only resit) and everything this year went surprisingly well. Like, really surprisingly well. Continue reading