New Additions #114


A few more e-books to add to the collection. Sometimes I like to mix my fiction with some non-fiction. I’d been looking a long time for the Instrumentalities of the Night Series by Glen Cook, so when I saw the collection e-book I snatched them right up.


New Additions #113

I recently bought an e-reader even though I prefer print books, because there have been instances of books just not being available in physical forms. Also I received some free books in PDF when participating in the r/Fantasy Book Bingo a few years ago, and I just hate reading on my phone or laptop for long stretches of time.

So now that I bought the e-reader, I thought to myself I should probably also buy some e-books. I am still planning on mostly buying print books, and only using the e-reader for books I can’t find in paperback or hardback.

That also left me with the awkward task of copy pasting covers in paint to make show the covers of the e-books I bought. I’m not that good in paint…but hey, a girl has to do what a girl has to do.