Query Update #12

Just a quick update. I’m still querying literary agents for [TEE], and after sending in [OSAA] during Angry Robot’s open door period, I decided to start querying agents for that novel as well. Continue reading


Review: The Wheel of Osheim by Mark Lawrence


The Wheel of Osheim is the third and last book in The Red Queen’s War series by Mark Lawrence.


The Wheel of Osheim is turning faster than ever, and it will crack the world unless it’s stopped. And Jalan is just the man for the job, even though he tries to convince everyone he isn’t. Jalan and Snorri face danger upon danger, from the minions the Dead King, the mysterious Lady Blue, to the horrors of Hell itself. The Wheel must be stopped. Nothing else, and no one else matters. Continue reading

Review: Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones

I absolutely loved the Studio Ghibli version of Howl’s Moving Castle, but I wanted to read the original by Diana Wynne Jones and see which things were different and which were the same. The r/fantasy bingo gave me the excuse I needed to buy it.


Sophie Hatter is the eldest of three, and therefore knows that she is destined to be unsuccessful; everyone in the town of Market Chipping knows that the eldest fails horribly when leaving home to seek their fate. While her younger sisters Lettie and Martha leave home, she works in the hat shop of her late father and stepmother. But then the Witch of the Waste curses Sophie for reasons unknown to her, and turns her into an old lady. To break the curse, Sophie must deal with the heartless wizard Howl who lives in a moving castle, a fire demon and their magical antics.

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Review: The Immortal Throne by Stella Gemmell

When I read The City by Stella Gemmell a couple of years ago, I thought it was a standalone. But it turned out there was a ‘sequel’ coming out in 2016, The Immortal Throne, and now I finally got to reading it.


The Immortal is dead, and there is a new Empress who rules over the still rebuilding City, while inside the Palace there are factions within factions, all with their own intentions and goals. The Empress Archange is besieged from multiple sides, and trusts no one. The soldiers of the City are splintered; who to follow now? The Empress who is making many changes she believes will benefit the City, or Marcellus, believed dead by many, who vowed to one day return and set things right? Each must choose a side. But the war is far from over for a barbarian army has amassed to kill every man, woman and child in the City.

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