Writing Update #5

So, I’ve been steadily writing ever since handing in my thesis at the end of last month. I’m mostly working on my novella [TBWAH], and my synopsis and query letter for [TEE]. I’m still having a hard time selling my “product,” so to speak, but I’m content with the query draft I have so far. I’ve sent it out to some of my beta readers, to see what they think.

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Writing Update #3

So, NaNoWriMo [SG] is under way and I’m doing quite well. Let’s hope I can keep this up! I do feel that I haven’t really been challenged yet, mainly because I have two papers to hand in sometime mid-December, but I haven’t started writing them yet (yeah, I know, that’s not like me at all). My supervisor hasn’t given me feedback on a proposal yet and I need to write my papers about a subject similar to or related to that proposal’s subject. So if he could get on that, that would be great. Continue reading


Writing Update #2

I’m still submitting my second short story [The Laughing Coffin], it has been rejected 5 times now. I also got a rejection for my first short story [Hell in a Handcart] – which I sent to Tor’s short fiction program – but that was to be expected. I never thought it was good enough for It was my very first submission though. Continue reading

Well, my second year of Japanstudies went well

My second year at Leiden university studying Japanstudies is finished (has been since the 19th of June when I had my one and only resit) and everything this year went surprisingly well. Like, really surprisingly well. Continue reading

Finals & final papers

Officially I’d say my finals and final papers weeks started around the 12th of November because that was the day I handed in my first paper for International Relations of Japan (which I passed). So the 12th it is then. On the 10th of December I had a take-home final for Korean Material Culture and my partner and I will be handing in our two-women paper for the same class today. Continue reading