Writing Update #13

Since I finished the first draft of my third WIP [BOR] a couple of weeks ago, I haven’t really written since. I need some time away from the sprawling project; not just to come back later with fresh eyes, but also because I don’t know if I like the road eventually taken.

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Writing Update #1

I’m adding the titles of my projects in brackets, so it’s easier to talk about them. For novella’s/novels I’m keeping it to abbreviations, for short stories I’m adding the entire title.

So, I’ve been editing my novel [TEE] for the last few weeks – it’s going slow, but it’s going – and I’m well over the 100k mark. Once I’m finished with that, I’ll be looking for agents to submit to. But first things first: it needs to be polished until it shines. Continue reading

Photography post

After helping my mom trim a bush, I decided it was a good time to go out and play with my borrowed camera again. It had been raining a couple of minutes before, so I was confident to get some good shots. BTW: I’ve decided on the Nikon D5000 as my tool of the photography trade…now all I have to do is buy it. Which I’ll be doing at the end of next month. That said….I have to get back to plotting one of these days; haven’t had the time to for a while now.

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