Short Story: The Laughing Coffin

I’ve noticed something: I’m not good at writing short stories. I struggle with them much more than I do with novellas and novels. When I reread them, something always seems to be missing. But The Laughing Coffin, that’s a short story I wrote that I actually like. Sure, it’s not my best work, and it got rejected by Fantasy magazines I submitted to a bunch of times, but it’s entertaining at the very least. It was my first real attempt at a humorous short story too! That’s why I’ve decided to share it on this blog.

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Query Update #3

The third rejection is in the bag for [TEE]. So let’s review what I’ve done and received so far, shall we? I sent out query packages by e-mail to 10 agents in the UK. I received a confirmation of receipt from two of them by e-mail, standardized, probably automated. But still, it’s good to know the packages reached their destination. Continue reading


Writing Update #2

I’m still submitting my second short story [The Laughing Coffin], it has been rejected 5 times now. I also got a rejection for my first short story [Hell in a Handcart] – which I sent to Tor’s short fiction program – but that was to be expected. I never thought it was good enough for It was my very first submission though. Continue reading