Review: Spiderlight by Adrian Tchaikovsky

A friend of mine had already recommended Adrian Tchaikovsky‘s Shadows of the Apt series to me, but even though I bought the first novel in the series, I jumped at the opportunity to read a stand-alone of his first. To give me a taste of his writing style. That opportunity was Spiderlight.


Nth is a spider, a creature of Dark, and completely content to do spidery things, when a group of Man enters the woods he lives in. They burn a path through his many brethren, right up to his mother. He fears for his mother’s live then, and would gladly have given his life to defend hers. But his mother makes a deal with these humans, and one of those conditions is having one of her brood guide them towards the Dark Lord the humans mean to defeat. That guide is be Nth.

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Review: The Killing Moon by N.K. Jemisin


I actually bought N.K. Jemisin‘s The Inheritance Trilogy first, but I decided to start on The Dreamblood duology (series?) first. This was my first encounter with N.K. Jemisin and I’m glad it was The Killing Moon that introduced me to her.


Ehiru is a Gatherer – one of those who have sworn to keep the city of Gujaareh peaceful. The Gatherers spin magic from dreams when the people of the city sleep and use the magic to help, heal and protect the citizens from those who are corrupt. But when people start dying in their sleep under suspicious circumstances, it is Ehiru who must find out the truth.

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Review: Troy series by David Gemmell &Stella Gemmell


David Gemmell is one of favourite authors – if not my all-time favourite; he’s the one who hooked me and truly began my journey into the Fantasy genre. This series is a trilogy of historical Fantasy about the Trojan War and it’s spectacular. I was a bit anxious at first when I bought them because 1) I have a love for Greek myths and this is perhaps my favourite, 2) the two last books have been published posthumously and to read these books, knowing that these were literally the last books he ever wrote, would be hard and 3) because the third book was finished by his wife Stella Gemmell, of whom I haven’t read any book, yet. (Though I’m planning on purchasing The City) Continue reading

Review – Xena: Warrior Princess

Xena: Warrior Princess had always been the series I’d get back to one day. I had caught a couple of episodes on TV, but never followed the series while it ran. Xena ran from 1995 till 2001 and only now, in 2012, have I taken the time to really sit down and watch it. A few weeks ago I started on it and I raced through the 6 seasons like you wouldn’t believe it. Continue reading