Short Story: The Crone and The City

So, even though short story writing isn’t my forte, I recently wrote a short story again. And today I decided, why not share it? I’m focusing on my novels and on researching agents, and I’ve stopped submitting short stories to magazines and e-zines, so why not? I hope you enjoy the story.

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Short Story: The Laughing Coffin

I’ve noticed something: I’m not good at writing short stories. I struggle with them much more than I do with novellas and novels. When I reread them, something always seems to be missing. But The Laughing Coffin, that’s a short story I wrote that I actually like. Sure, it’s not my best work, and it got rejected by Fantasy magazines I submitted to a bunch of times, but it’s entertaining at the very least. It was my first real attempt at a humorous short story too! That’s why I’ve decided to share it on this blog.

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Writing Update #4

It’s been a while since I’ve been writing steadily, and even though I am right now, it’s not on a story. I’m busy writing my Bachelor thesis; I can’t divulge my topic yet at this time. Let’s see if I get a high grade and I actually graduate this semester. I’ll dole out a little hint: it has to do with manga, anime and Fantasy.

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Hell in a Handcart – Chapter five

Chapter five: A still tongue keeps a wise head

Soon they’d started a new project: making short videos about some of the institutions. The interns would go to a university, take pictures, shoot some film and interview some students, to get a quick look at the atmosphere.

This was something Mae had truly looked forward to. But even this didn’t go off without a hitch. The girls would be provided with cameras by the company, but Beastly suddenly decided otherwise. This meant that the interns had to ask their college for cameras; they had to borrow them at the last minute.

Their travel expenses also weren’t being covered completely, despite Beastly saying he would. It would take him a very long time to go through their receipts and even then, the numbers didn’t always match up. Mae was truly ready to explode, as was that burning pit in her stomach!

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Hell in a Handcart – Chapter four

Chapter four: Don’t trust someone further than you can throw them

The other girls also had their complaints and the interns found solace in their friendship. They often aired their complaints to each other and swore that they weren’t going to let him use them like that.


But the other interns’ supervisors didn’t get notified until after Beastly refused to pay their salary for the month. He tried to make it sound like his “man” was out of the country on vacation, and he would get in touch with him as soon as he came back.

     “Yeah, sure,” Right-Devil said.

     “Can’t believe he thought they would take him on his word, after all he’s done,” Left-Angel added.

Well, he wasn’t the sharpest tool in the box, that is true. And of course, the girls didn’t believe him for a second. They all emailed their supervisors that very same day.

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Hell in a Handcart – Chapter three

Chapter three: Bad workers always blame their tools

The time came for their first progress meeting, where they would individually discuss the internship with Ivan Beastly and he would give them feedback. At this point, Mae was getting quite frustrated with his behaviour towards the interns. Sanne, Monique and Elyse had already had theirs and Mae was the last to go in.

     “It’s never fun to go last,” Left-Angel said.

No it isn’t. But Mae steeled herself and thought to give him a piece of her mind, professionally. But boy, she had no idea that would have been so hard. Continue reading