Finals & final papers

Officially I’d say my finals and final papers weeks started around the 12th of November because that was the day I handed in my first paper for International Relations of Japan (which I passed). So the 12th it is then. On the 10th of December I had a take-home final for Korean Material Culture and my partner and I will be handing in our two-women paper for the same class today. Continue reading

I usually don’t do poetry

I really don’t. But my university held a haiku contest for the first year students and I decided what the heck. So I wrote one during a history lecture and sent it on its way when I came home. It had to be in Japanese of course and we also needed to provide a Dutch translation. (Didn’t have to be literal.)

I don’t think I’ll win because I usually suck at poetry, but you never know. Once the results are in, I’ll probably post it on this blog.

The beginning of the second semester is nigh!

So, after pretty much having the entire month of January off (well, from university, not from work or resits or…practising vocabulary and kanji) the second semester officially begins tomorrow. I’m quite nervous because I’ve noticed that my kana reading skills have been declining because I haven’t really been practising them. I’m very slow. And my katakana memory is horrible! I can read them just fine, but writing them from the top of  my head is almost torture. This is bad. This is really bad. LOL. Continue reading

Resits: it’s all good

So I passed both my resits and it really feels like a weight just fell off my shoulder. I was especially dreading the grade for sociology, because if I failed that, I had to quit. But in the end that was my highest mark of the two and that was a pleasant surprise. I’m still processing the fact that I am still allowed to study Japanese. Continue reading