Review: The Blood Mirror by Brent Weeks


The Blood Mirror is the fourth and penultimate book in Brent WeeksThe Lightbringer series. I preordered this one and when I received it, I read it from cover to cover in two and a half days. I would’ve probably finished it sooner if I didn’t have to work one of those days.


The Colour Prince has now declared himself the White King, and the Chromeria is slowly losing the war. Karris, as the new White, is trying all she can to keep the strands that keep their society together from unravelling, but is still hurt by the kidnapping of Gavin, right after she saved him, and from right under her nose. Andross Guile is now promachos, and Zymun is the Prism Elect; he can’t become the true Prism until a certain knife has been found. Kip and the Mighty are fighting the White King’s army, contesting his advance every step of the way. Teia finds out the world she lives in is no longer black and white. Gavin is held captive in a prison of his own design, and finds out some horrible truths about the world, and himself.

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Review: The Heroes by Joe Abercrombie


The Heroes by Joe Abercrombie is another stand-alone novel in the world we first explored with The First Law trilogy. It comes after Best Served Cold, and before Red Country.


Black Dow took the North from the Bloody-Nine by stabbing him in the back and now rules with a black and iron fist. The Dogman and in turn the Union have come to make war, to get revenge for the death of Logen Ninefingers, and to further other agendas. Both sides are stubborn, both sides claim they’re in the right. But what’s right about war?

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Review: The Ea Cycle by David Zindell

ea cycle

The Ea Cycle series by David Zindell is comprised of the following books:

  • The Lightstone: The Ninth Kingdom
  • The Lightstone: The Silver Sword
  • The Lord of Lies
  • Black Jade
  • The Diamond Warriors


Valashu Elahad is the seventh son of the King of Mesh, one of the nine kingdoms of the Valari warriors. But unlike many of his kin, he aims to be a warrior of the soul instead of the sword and abhors war. So when he is asked to join in the quest to find the fabled Lightstone – that wonderful gelstei that will make men more than men and bring the people of Ea to an Age of light and love and wonder – he jumps at the opportunity. After all, why wouldn’t he try to go after¬† the one thing that will stop Morjin, the Red Dragon of Sakai, who himself is more than a man, from obtaining the ultimate power? But little does Valashu know, and little do his companions know, of the fate of the world and their own. And of the fate of the Maitraya, the Shining One. Continue reading

Review: A Sword From Red Ice by J.V. Jones


A Sword From Red Ice is the third book of the 5 book series by J.V. Jones. I must say that a lot was happening in the book – although not everything seemed to push the story¬† further along. That’s fine by me – though I can imagine that it would be frustrating for some people.


A lot of things are happening in the clanholds and the cities. Raif is now a Maimed Man and is struggling to cast away his clannish ways, while worrying about the state of the world. The world and its troubles just won’t leave him alone and Raif soon finds himself on the road again, visiting strange places like the Want and meeting new people. And that isn’t necessarily a good thing: all the people in his current life are pushing him towards his fate. A fate he does not want that comes with new name and a new identity. Mor Drakka. Watcher of the Dead. Raif Twelve Kill – formerly Sevrance – has to go and search for the mythical sword that will shape his future and the future of the world. Loss.

War is brewing in the clanholds as the soldiers of Spire Vanis move in on their lands, eager to claim it for themselves. But there are also battles fought between clans: Blackhail, Dhoone, Bludd. Peace is nowhere to be found. Back at Blackhail, Raina finds her roundhouse overrun with Scarpes. And she decides she is going to do something about it. Effie Sevrance finds herself not only waylaid but kidnapped by two men of the clan Gray. She is to be sold to the cursed clan, which may appear desolate and worn down, but looks can be deceiving.

Ash March is on her way to the Heart Fires of the Sull, but has no idea that treachery will find her, wherever she goes. After all, she is a Reach and if she isn’t with the Sull, she is against them. Continue reading