Review: Well of Shiuan by C.J. Cherryh

I bought The Complete Morgaine omnibus by C.J. Cherryh a while ago, and while I would usually just review the entire thing, I figured each of the four books it contained merited a review. So that’s why I’m reviewing all of them separately. Well of Shiuan is the second book in the saga.


Jherun knew her world, Shiuan, was doomed to be overtaken by the dark waters that rose every Hnoth eventually. The Gates of Shiuan were once ruled by kings, but they were long gone, and only their descendants still lived. They still lived, knowing that their world would one day drown. None knew how to use the Gates now, their sole means of escape if ever there was one. None but Morgaine, who’d come to her Shiuan to seal them

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