Review: Mad Max – Fury Road

I’ll be honest with you, I’ve not seen the other three Mad Max movies. But to be honest, you don’t have to have seen those to like or even ‘get’ Mad Max: Fury Road. The movie basically speaks for itself. I got interested in this movie, because I’d heard a lot of buzz about it (through reports from Comic-Con) and because I saw the trailer while going to another movie. The trailer gripped me, and during all those months of waiting for Mad Max: Fury Road to come out, it never let me go.

Max (Tom Hardy) is haunted by his terrible past, and wanders the wasteland that used to be Australia. He’s a man of action and few words. Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron), under the command of Immortan Joe, decides to do something drastic and betray him, to gain redemption. Together these two broken people try to restore some kind of order, clamping to what little hope they have.

I’ve never been so exhilarated in my entire life while watching an action movie! It was the greatest ride of my life! Mad Max: Fury Road is crazy, fun, touching, exciting, tense and just completely bonkers! And I’ve seen nothing but good and great reviews about it. Everyone seems to agree that Mad Max: Fury Road is THE best action movie of the year. It’s a movie I want to see again and again, and it’s bascially one big car chase. And yet it works.

If you don’t believe me, read Chuck Wendig’s review about the movie and its storytelling: you’ll be convinced soon enough! He does my feelings much more justice than I ever could; seriously, I couldn’t even make up coherent sentences the day after I saw the movie. That’s why I’m writing this review now, and even today my brain just won’t let me put into words how much I loved this movie. George Miller is an absolute genius.

It lived up to the hype – and then some – and I’ll be looking forward to the next instalments of the Mad Max franchise with bated breath! If you haven’t seen it already, go see it now. It’ll be money and time well spent.


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